Companion planting: Try growing French beans with Nasturtiums to draw aphids away from your crop. Blue Lake. As with other pole beans, you will need a trellis or some type of support system as they climb. Useful links: Companion Planting How to sow bean and pea seeds Reasons to buy your seeds from Thompson & Morgan. Cut Golden Wax Beans. Legumes are a good source of calcium and iron and add nitrogen to soil. Outstanding flavor combined with high yields make growing these vigorous 5'-6' vines worth the time. We always buy Blue Lake because of consistently good results. 5. This vigorous, 7 foot tall variety made Oregon’s Willamette Valley famous in the ‘60s and ‘70s for canning beans. Planting double rows on drip irrigation allows you to maximize the space in your garden and maximize the utility of drip irrigation. Spread: 30cm (12"). Unbeatable flavor! They were originally developed for canning. French Style Green Beans with Onions, Red Peppers & Garlic. Variety: Blue Lake (organic) In the kitchen: Great steamed with a drizzle of olive oil. This climbing French Bean is a classic choice. White seeded. If this is so, Blue lake would support that suggestion. Since the mid-20th century, the Blue Lake bean has been considered the benchmark standard of green beans. Heavy yield. Ensure the danger of frosts has passed and protect plants from wind. BLUE LAKE POLE. SEED. Create New Wish List; Share This Article. Excellent flavour. $4.50 (No reviews yet) Write a Review Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Save to Wishlist. They are fiberless and meaty. Conventional Heirloom #7322 - 60 grams . Based on 2 reviews Write a review. Developed from the Pole Blue Lake. BLUE LAKE POLE. Phaseolus vulgaris. Blue Lake Green Beans are named for the area in which they were developed in the early 1900s, the Blue Lake area near Ukiah, California, US. Blue Lake Stringless Bean: A stringless variety of the Blue Lake Bean that is known for prolific, flavorful harvests. Terrific taste and easy harvest make this pole variety a favorite. French Bean 'Blue Lake' (Climbing) reviews. Plant in 1-3m (3-10ft) rows and remove weeds regularly. It goes great with a ham steak which can be pan-fried to keep the heat down in the kitchen. The Blue Lake stringless pole bean is named for the lake district of Ukiah, California, but originally came from the upper Missouri River basin. Number of plants: 10. Vigorous, 5'–8' vines produce a bounty of 5"–7", white-seeded beans that are excellent fresh, and also canned or frozen. 'Blue Lake FM-1K' certainly would support that statement. Related Products. Smooth and stringless pole snap beans. Despite its origins as a canning bean, through continued development, it has evolved into a gourmet bean variety. Add to cart. Plant In May - June Sunlight Full Sun Plant seeds 4" apart 1" depth Germinate 6-10 days Row Spacing 3' apart Plant Height 5-8' Harvest Approx. Reviewed 5th August 2019 by Mrs Dyson. Pole Beans. Climbing; Green stringless pods to 15cm; Heavy bearing; Climbing bean. Since the middle of the 20th century, Blue Lake beans have been the standard of green beans. The small seeds keep pods round and smooth. They cook up tender, with full-bodied Blue Lake flavor. Blue Lake is a pole bean variety that produces tasty, stringless, 6-7 inch pods on 7 foot vines. Cut Green & Wax Beans. It’s also able to grow in both hot and cold climates. Vegetable Climbing French Bean Blue Lake. The 20 inch tall, self-supporting plants produce ample harvests of 4 … Beans are best when harvest young. Our Organic Blue Lake Bush Beans seeds are exactly that: 100% organic bush green beans. They are my go to every year. Blue Lake is a long-time favorite for freezing, canning, and fresh use. This is the one of the most popular and trusted beans for home gardens. Besides outstanding flavor, plants are high-yielding. Blue Lake FM1K Pole Phaseolus vulgaris . Blue Lake Pole Bean sets pods from the base to the top of the vine—so you'll have plenty for eating fresh and processing. pods that are crisp and stringless at all stages, never limp. Blue Lake® French Style Green Beans - No Salt Added. Bush type of famous pole variety. Slow fiber and seed development contribute to Blue Lakes fresh quality over a long harvest period. Average based on 11 reviews. Overview; Reviews; Product Description. Pods stay tender when mature. What is a Blue Lake green bean? Chinese Long Bean: A variety that lives up to its name, the Chinese Long Bean can grow 10 feet tall or more and has pods up to 30 inches long. This bush-habited version has everything the pole variety offers but in a compact plant that quickly matures loads of bean in a single flush. Green, rounded, stringless pods growing to 15cm. The 15 cm (6") long, straight-podded beans are tender and meaty. Also, bush beans have many popular varieties such as Contender, Blue Lake, Provider, and Tendergreen. Our Blue Lake Stringless Pole Green Beans seeds will soon produce fleshy, tender pods that grow to be roughly 5.5 inches in length. Share 0 Tweet 0 Pin it 0 Fancy +1. Stringless bean variety known for heavy yields of top quality beans. This was the only place I was able to find them. They never came up, again had to resow with old seed which did. (2 oz. By the mid-to-late 1920s, the bean had been developed into a stringless bean for use as a green bean, probably in Oregon. Sale Sold out. The downside to bush beans is that they are very hard on your back when picking. MiGardener to the rescue. Regular price $4.00 Sale price $4.00 Regular price. (Best Seller) Unique flavor has made this white seeded Blue Lake variety one of the most popular home-garden beans in the country. Disease resistant. Like other pole beans, they require some type of support or trellis. The plants are a prolific cropper and produce tasty and thin stringless beans. Unit price / per ... Rightly famous as one of the best fresh-eating pole beans. Some people say that pole beans have better flavor than bush beans. Large amounts of tender 15-18cm (6-7") long, dark green pods. 60 days. I love Blue Lake pole beans. This dark-green bean has been a favorite for over 40 years. Matures its large crop early and all at once. Seed #005: A robust producer, Blue Lake beans are tender, round, stringless 6-7" straight pods with white seeds. These stringless pole beans have mild flavoring and are high in viatmins A, B and C. Blue Lake beans make for excellent snap beans. Delivery Info: … Seeds develop slowly and pods are virtually stringless and fiber-free. Sow bean seeds spring and summer, all year round in warm northern areas. With unbeatable flavor, Blue Lake is a long-time favorite for freezing, canning, and fresh use. ORGANIC/ BIODYNAMIC SEED. Pickled Green Beans with Dill Flavor. Slightly sweeter in flavour than other French Beans. Climbing Bean- Blue Lake. Blue Lake Bush Beans. However, this year, my local gardening center didn’t have the seed for them. Sow 25mm (1in) deep in dark damp soil-avoid watering for a day or two afterwards. If your garden is overrun with green beans, this is something different to try. Excellent and easy to deep freeze. Beginnings. pack sows a 20-25 foot row) Blue Lake FM1K Pole. The reason we love bush beans is that you usually do not have to string them. Cut Savory Green Beans With Mushrooms. The Blue Lake 274 Bush beans is an heirloom bush bean plant with high yields and dark green color! Blue Lake 274 beans have a a crisp and crunchy texture. Menu . Stringless, firm and straight, unusually smooth and tender-crisp with a mild, sweet flavour. Did You Know? The flavor of these 6.5" long, round pods is absolute perfection. They are great for canning, freezing and fresh eating. High yields of 6" smooth, straight, and stringless pods. The vigorous plants have good resistance to several strains of bean mosaic viruses common to the Northeast. #OrganicSeeds #BeanBlueLakeRecipes. Reviewed 5th August 2019 by Angela. Contains 25 heirloom seeds . I must admit, we grow a variety of green beans in our garden, and bush beans are one of them. Height: 45cm (18"). It was here that it grew wild in the gardens of Native Americans. For maximum yields, keep them picked throughout the season. SKU: N/A Categories: Beans, Beans, Bush - Green Podded Tags: beans, blue lake 274, bush, green podded. Blue Lake® French Style Green Beans - Low Sodium Newsletter Sign Up. Product Description: 75 days. Vines reach 6 to 8' tall. See more ideas about recipes, green beans, blue lake. Heavy cropper with great taste. Some say pole beans have better flavor than bush beans. Bean - Blue Lake Pole - Phaseolus vulgaris. Blue Lake beans are known for being sweet and juicy. The bush bean Blue Lake 274 (Phaseolus vulgaris), is an old time favorite with reliability, great flavor, large yields and disease resistance. Customer Reviews. Made my crop very late so not pleased Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Phil. With nice yields of long, straight, green pods, Blue Lake is one of the old standards, and for a good reason. This is a great variety for the home gardener or small scale grower. 62 days $4.75 $2.95. Bean, Blue Lake 274 (54 days) quantity. Great for processing. This early maturing stringless bean has a nice mild flavor. This organic bush bean variety grows vigorous, many-branched bush plants that produce heavy yields of pods similar in appearance to Blue Lake Pole seeds. French Style Green Beans with Roasted Garlic. So, this Blue Lake beans recipe is the perfect side dish for any type of meat. The organic Blue Lake Pole beans have beany sweet flavor. Consistently rated as one of the best heirloom beans for taste and yield, the heirloom Blue Lake Pole Bean is an old time favourite that still reigns supreme.They are ideal for organic growing with plants that grow to seven feet tall and bear large numbers of delicious six inch, dark green heirloom beans all season long. 65 days - Heirloom Pole Bean Seeds - 1923. Blue Lake Bush Bean - Organic. Pods are 6 inch, round to crease-back with excellent Blue Lake flavor and texture with small, white seeds. Produces heavy yields of straight, smooth 6 in. $2.95. Considered one of the gourmet varieties, these are a prolific producer defying the driest of summers, whilst remaining sugar sweet, `stringless’ and tender with medium length beans. When it comes to old-fashioned favorite beans, Blue Lake is always at the top of the list. Harvest in 62 days. Tender annual Pole Snap. $ 2.75. 30-40 seeds in packet. Please visit this link for a quick answer! High yields of 6" smooth, straight, and stringless pods. The 6–7 inch, dark green pods have a canning jar straight, round shape. Mar 15, 2015 - Lovely Bean Blue Lake Recipes. Beautiful, straight, tender pods. Stagger planting for longer harvesting. Beans can be eaten fresh, but their tender, meaty texture makes them an excellent choice for canning or freezing. Sow 10-15cm (4-6in) apart allowing 50-60cm between rows. Dwarf Bean 'Blue Lake' has a compact yet vigorous habit making it hugely productive over a long period throughout summer. Heavy bearing. The bean was developed in 1961 from the Pole Blue Lake variety.