Go through the doors, select a party and save your game. When you (finally!) You will see the ghost of Raine appear behind the bar. Make your way over to the parking lot next for another fight. If you lost Sacred to the Queen of Cards earlier, you can challenge the Mayor's wife and win the Irvine card from her. There's a shop nearby. Go to Cid, report the situation. The yellow dot in the centre of the ocean is Fisherman's Horizon. Shumi Village is the northernmost yellow dot on the map, but if you're at Cactuar Island, you're closer than you may think. The elevator will get stuck (but of course) so examine the floor to find a hatch. (c)2006 RPGClassics.com. After the scene, you'll meet up with Kiros. You play the minigame using a device called a ChocoWhis. Interact with it to open the door on the left and go through. There is a hidden Curaga draw point in his room. who tells you to go and see the Garden Master. You have to choose which instruments to assign to people. On the bridge, press right or Squall will fall down (game over). Go down to 2F and head up past the classroom. Fight until either the soldier or you are defeated. You will be subject to random encounters if you dawdle. These are the ones that actually do something: Leave the bridge and talk to your party members. The goal is to summon and dismiss Chicobos until there is only one left on the screen. Kill the soldier to stop him from boosting the GIM52A enemies. So long as you're fairly low level, he should have a manageable number of HP. Tekken 3. Before you leave, stick Mag+20% and Mag+40% on the character with the highest Mag stat and use the draw point on the side of the room. Cell 4.1 contains a Tent. To obtain Tonberry, you need to go to the Southern Continent (as shown in the screenshot) but the railway bridge either side of FH prevents you from sailing directly there. Cell 3.2 contains a Pet House. The mother Chocobo will come and dig at the point you are standing. Backtrack and go into Zell's house and go right one screen for a scene. Defeating him will unlock the Tonberry trophy as well as an extremely useful GF. Return to Zell's house to see smoke coming from the window. After defeating the boss, you will have to brush aside two Galbadian soldiers and an officer. Go up to the house and save your game. Cross the hockey rink. If Rinoa is in the active party you can give her a tour of the Garden. Cell 9.2 has a Berserk draw point while 9.1 is inaccessible. Since she already knows Spr-J, you can finally have all three members of your party junction magic to Spr. Reform your party at the front gate and rescue the students on the second floor (in the classroom) and the student by the emergency exit. Use the elevator once more to go to the MD- level of the garden. Save your game and set up your junctions for round 2. Start making your way back to the old fisherman. You have a new GF. This is part of a sidequest that will be resolved later. Choose "TARGET" followed by "SET ERROR RATIO" and use the right arrow key to set it to its maximum value. Use the ChocoZiner near the centre of the grassy area to cause three Chicobos to fall to the ground. Return to the Sculptor and agree to help him find the stones he needs. Land the Balamb Garden again, go into Trabia Garden by climbing the wall and challenge Selphie's friend to cards until you win the Selphie card from her. When you regain control, have Squall press a button on the control panel. You are now able to progress the CC Group Quest a little further. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. Don't actually play him since some disgusting Centra Rules are in force, just ask him to move and then ask him to move again. You will then proceed to the hotel where you'll fight both Fujin and Raijin together. All in good time! Talk to everybody, activate the control panel and meet Selphie at the basketball court.

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